About Us...

We are a mother-daughter team....The seed of
Faithful Places began as a very personal and private collection of religious art and antiques.   The inspiration and joy of this collection was so fulfilling that it had to be shared.  Faithful Finds opened as a small booth in a Nashville, Tennessee antique mall.  It grew and combined the passions and talents of a mother and daughter.  Today it is a service we provide in finding our clients a place that is strongly rooted in their needs, experiences and aspirations for worship.

A sacred space is not always only contained within four walls of a church, but can be found in a garden or a small quiet place within your home.  Ever dream of a space created just for you and your family to retreat and renew?  Let us help you find your spiritual style and Faithful Place.

The Partners...

Hello, I'm Jamie Teal, the managing partner and collector who began this enterprise.   When my client list began to expand and I decided to offer design and creation services as well as retailing art and antiques, I enlisted the help of my most trusted consultant, my mother, Anita Fowler.  Her expertise is in design, color and textiles.  My expertise is in the passion and drive behind the collection,  landscape design, plant selection and wildlife sanctuary creation .  The selection of art and antiques is a complete team endeavor.

Jamie Teal

  • Art minor
  • Young Artist Program teacher at Watkins Art Institute
  • Art Consultant, Bryant Gallery, New Orleans, LA.
  • Owner of Collections Art Gallery, Nashville, TN
  • Master Gardner
  • Attended "Gardens & Grace" conference, Kanuaga, NC
  • Salesperson at Wild Birds Unlimited

Anita Fowler

  • Partner in Bienvenue-event planning & interior design company, New Orleans, LA
  • Location/Set Design of Historic Homes and Private Residences for magazine and news publications
  • Attended "Gardens & Grace" conference, Kanuga, NC

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